FTP - misconfiguration or limitation?

I suspect this will be a post for feature request again, but I want to make sure it´s not a misconfiguration again.
I have pictures on a ftp site. As soon as I select one with opus - the prewiew window says "loading", however nothing happens. As soon as I make a doubleclick on the picture it is downloaded and shown in ACDSee. As the thumbnail option is greyed out as well, I suppose it´s a current limitation that I can´t preview pictures on the ftp directly. If yes it would be a suggestion to add preview capabilities for FTP to opus.

Best regards

Works OK for me. Remember the file has to be downloaded before it can be displayed in the preview pane.

It's possible that on slower connections the operation is timing out.

As an addition, if ever something happens with ftp that you don't understand, the first place to check is the log in the Output Window.

Ok- I´ll try to check the log next time - I´just wondering that doubleclicking causes an immediate, quick download and viewing, however simple activating causes an endles loading message within preview window and no pic is shown ....

best regards