Ftp path, Site name instead of Host address

As a web developer I use the FTP features of Directory Opus extensively.
More often than not I have multiple FTP tabs open to be able to quickly upload files to projects in progress.

My "problem" is that the address bar in DOpus show me something like
FTP -> client sites -> server name -> path on ftp

Almost all of my projects involve a test or staging site, which is not hosted with the active domain.
Maybe the client is switching host, a new sub-domain app is underway or whatever.
The point is, I may have three FTP-accounts pointing to different servers, but which are actually related to the same client.
Also, since I use co-hosting a lot, especially during development I might have multiple client applications hosted on the same server.

Long story short:
Can I change the address bar layout in FTP-view to use "Site name" instead of "Host address"?
Since many applications can be hosted on the same server (example: nt24.unoeuro.com) I never know which site I'm connected to just by looking at the address bar.
It would be much better to have the "Site name" in the address bar.

The path field can't be changed, but it is possible to make the folder tab show the site name, using a script.

The Tab-Labelizer script already exists to do similar things, so it probably makes sense to work with that rather than re-invent things. I've just posted in the thread about it with some ideas.

At the moment you can get something decent, but not perfect, with the existing script just by editing its configuration:

My post in the script thread has the config I used to get that. If it looks like it'd be useful, shout and I can explain in more detail how to set that up. Customizing the script is also possible, or maybe TBone, who made the script, will add some options if you ask (up to him, of course). This assumes you're happy with the details being in the tab rather than the path field; if not then the script won't help.

It's worth giving the script a try.
Having it in the tab name would probably work.
I'll give a try.

Okay, so I just gave it a try.
It's not quite what I'm looking for, since the script logic seems to "only" parse and replace whatever is in the address bar. Like you say in the linked post, getting the Site name would be more useful.
I just quickly browsed through the script reference, but didn't seem to find anything about FTP address book interaction.
It is possible to get the "Site name" or other property off the address book entry from the active tab?
If you could provide a pointer or two I'd fiddle with myself...

It does get the site name, if you use the configuration I posted in the other thread. The site name is part of what the script sees as the path, but hidden by the address bar itself, so the script can access it and should use it with my config.

No, I doesn't. At least not the way I'm seeing it.
It gets the "Host address", not the "Site name".

My fault, my instructions were not very clear.

You need to configure the script (select it under Preferences / Toolbars / Scripts the click Configure), then double-click its ExtendedConfig line, and replace the two lines that relate to ftp://... in the default config with my ones:

"^ftp://SITE=(.*)\\?.*@.*//", "ftp://$1://", "^ftp://(.*)%20(.*)$", "ftp://$1 $2", "^ftp://(.*)%20(.*)$", "ftp://$1 $2",

Here's what it should look like when done:

Then click OK in the three open windows (Edit Value, Edit Configuration, and Preferences itself) and it should take effect the next time a tab changes folder.

Ah! Excellent.

First time using dopus scripting here.
I never saw the "Configure"-button. Instead I edited the Tab-Labelizer.js.txt-filen after installating it.
Newb mistake.
Thanks for your help and patience.

It's working as expected now.

I want to change a few things, though, like the script only working for ftp sites and only showing the Site name (no path, no "ftp://" prefix) in the tab name. But I guess I should be able to figure that out myself.

Thanks a bunch!

Okay...so I ended up with a few modifications to the TabLabelizer script so that it matches my needs.
For anyone interested I've modified the "GetTabLabelByPath"-method adding

return pathInfo.folder;

to line 187 (just before eval of drive type)

Then in GetPathInfo just after variable declarations I added

[code]if(isFTP) {
var resolvedPath = fsu.Resolve(path),
siteName = new String(resolvedPath);

siteName = siteName.replace("ftp://", "");
if(siteName.indexOf(":") > -1) {
siteName = siteName.substr(0, siteName.indexOf(":"));
if(siteName.indexOf("\") > -1) {
siteName = siteName.substr(siteName.lastIndexOf("\") + 1);
return {
fullPath: siteName,
fullPathLower: _fullPath.toLowerCase(),
folder: siteName,
folderLower: folder.toLowerCase(),
folderIsRoot: true,
folderIsHost: true,
parentFolder: parentFolder,
parentFolderLower: parentFolder.toLowerCase(),
parentIsHost: parentIsHost,
parentIsRoot: parentIsRoot,
isUNC: isUNC,
isFTP: isFTP,
isLib: isLib,
hostname: "",
root: "",
isLocalDrive: isLocalDrive
The result is that FTP-tabs have only the "Site name" value in them, while other tabs are left untouched (with just the active folder name, just the way I like it).
Happy camper :slight_smile:

Sorry....me again :-/
Just upgraded to W10 (x64) and reinstalled Dopus (11.4).
Now the "Configure"-button is inactive. I've checked that the folder is write-enabled, but that's about the only thing I could think of.
Any clues?

11.4 is very old. The script may need a newer version. I would try that first.

Right you are. Works after upgrading.
Thanks (and sorry for not trying this myself before asking).

Old thread, but this is now supported by tab-labelizer V1.4.1
Let us know if not what you were after.