FTP problems

I am using DirOpus as my FTP client as long as I can remember. Recently I installed the latest update ( U) and now I can't access my homepage directory anymore. The client logs in at the provider, but does not show the directory structure. :frowning:
Can anyone confirm similar behaviour? Any hints on how to solve this?

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What's it say in the Output Window's FTP tab?

You probably need to turn on Passive mode (PASV).

@jon: switching on PASV did not fix it. I still don't get the directory listing.

@nudel: not sure where you want me to look :confused:
But i see 0/0 folders, 0/0 files, 0/0 bytes selected.


Tools, Output Window in the menu and then the FTP tab. It will have a log of the FTP connection which usually tells you what went wrong.

Nudel, thanks for clearing this up.

I was checking here to find out why I had a similar problem. When I updgraded to Opus I was not able log onto my websites (FTP) anymore. I had not been having any kind of FTP problem with the previous version. It turns out that my Norton Firewall was the problem and was blocking the FTP uplink. I turned it off and was able to FTP to both of my websites. This allows me to work around the problem until I can get it resolved. (Thought this might be useful to someone with a similar problem.)

There were no changes to Opus FTP in so the probelm seems to be related to your firewall settings or some other program on your machine restricting access. Check that you have allowed Opus full access through the firewall and related programs.