Ftp question - files in queue

We use the ftp option and often we have files in different folders to upload to one place. What we'd like to be able to do is while files are uploading, navigate to another directory and upload more files without it wanting to upload different folders at once - in other words, can we force opus to keep files in queue and just upload one file at a time?

The only thing you can do right now is build up a Collection of all the files you want to copy and then copy them all at once at the end.

Other than this workaround, Opus doesn't currently support any kind of copy queue.

Our problem is the files we need to upload are often in different places on our local machines and servers. To copy them all to one folder before ftp'ing would create duplicate files and that would make things confusing when it came time to revise those files who share the same name.

We also have bulletproof but own only one license. With bulletproof you can add any files at any time and only the current file gets uploaded while everything else waits for it to finish. A very excellent and efficient (esp on bandwidth) way to work!


You don't need to copy them all to a folder; collections simply point to the original files so you won't have actual duplicates sitting around.

But it sounds like there are other good reasons why collections are not the ideal solution in this case.

I realize this is an old thread, but just wanted to state that I'm having issues doing exactly what nudel has described here.

If I try to FTP files from a collection, it will through an error unless I only select the ones in the collection that are in the same location physically.

This has been reported as a "Program Anomaly". V9.1.0.1