FTP question

I use DOpus also as my FTP client, to manage files on my website. Since I upgraded to V8, every time I access my website via FTP, I get a requester that asks for a destination folder. I don't want that requester, so how can I prevent it from popping up?
Second: what is the function of that requester? Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

Check the Initial Folder setting in the site's configuration, it's probably set to a directory that no longer exists.

Or are you navigating to the site via a method other than the Opus FTP Site List?

Yes, this is caused by your FTP Address book site entry having a home folder for the FTP site that does not exist. Some new code I put in a little while ago, to handle auto-downloads of files that are hidden from view, causes Opus to think that the failure to CD to the directory means this is a hidden file and so it tries to download it - hence the display of the destination dialog.

Take out the home directory in the site entry or set it to a real one that actually exists.

It has been fixed for the next release.

yes, it was the homedirectory name that was incorrect. Thanks for pointing this out Nudel & Greg You're a big help :slight_smile: