FTP slowness advice please. (with wordpress)


I'm looking for advice or tips with dealing with ftp slowness particularly with wordpress sites. I'm finding painfully slow, my site has appropriately 3,500 files and is only in its infancy.

On doing a search for 'ftp' in Preferences I get the below options. can anyone suggests settings i could tweak to speed up the handling of my site using Opus's ftp client. or is this just a 'wordpress thing', due to it's file structure. (I'm new wordpress)

Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks.

I'm getting average 16KB/s download and 82KB/s peak on a 400KB/s line. :frowning: Site is about 35MB

Thanks for any help.

Are you copying lots of tiny files, or is it slow at uploading a handful of large files?

What speeds do you get in other FTP clients? If they are faster, have you compared their settings to the FTP settings in Opus?

Note that most of the FTP settings are in the FTP Address Book, rather than Preferences.

Thanks eo.

I'm copying lots of tiny files.

I just downloaded filezilla to use as a test. It was defiantly a lot quick downloading (backing up) my site. It didn't give me any time clock so i'll run it again and time it.

Opus is taking 47 minutes to download 35MB with approximately 3,500 files. I'd guess to say filezilla took less than 10 minutes. :frowning:

I've looked through the settings in address book with the tech support from my web hosts on the phone.. nothing seemed to be incorrect to them or me.

I'd much prefer to use Opus for ftp, but... sooo slooooow.

I think Filezilla may upload multiple files in parallel automatically, which Opus does not do. If so, that would explain it, as it can be uploading data on one connection while waiting for the client/server to sync up and start the next file on another connection.

You might be able to speed things up by opening more than one connections to the site in Opus and then copying the files in batches via the different connections, at the same time.

Thanks Leo,

I was talking about downloads not uploads, but it would make sense if what you say applies to both.

Maybe the ftp client could get some development love in an upcoming version! Love Opus for its 'jack of all' status, hate having to install and use 3rd party software when Opus could do it.

I would second the motion for ftp to get multi-connection support. I love the convenience of using DO for transferring entire directory trees via ftp, but using just a single connection for the transfers can be a real pain. Kind of ironic really, considering DO will freely open multiple connections if you open multiple windows to the same site.

Not sure if this will help, Watch, but if you have telnet/SSH access to the server you may find it faster to tar the entire directory tree and then transfer the one tar file. You can still use Filezilla to open multiple connections on the one file to speed to download.

There are some other more general download managers that will also do ftp using multiple connections. I've long used DownloadStudio for managing web downloads. It will also do ftp, though I've yet to try that. (Will be doing so soon.) DownloadStudio is a commercial program. I've heard there are others that will do similar things. I just suggest these because they may solve multiple problems with the one product.

Thanks Patch for the suggestions.

I think for ease i'll carry on using Opus for quick/small ftp usage and a dedicated ftp client for larger operations. And hope for multiple connection support in the future. :wink: