FTP transfers: too many windows ! :)

Whenever I start a transfer using FTP, at least one window (if not two sometimes, see included screenshot) are opened... Now if I decide to run two simultaneously FTP transfers, I end up with four extra (ie: in addition to my listers) opened windows... So my desktop is full of transfer windows...

Suggestion: have the ability to have all ftp transfers regrouped in one "transfer" window... and maybe have tabs to switch between each transfer. This way no more space would be wasted...

Sometimes a second window ('FTP Status') is opened when initiating a transfer through FTP:

A tabbed (or similar) progress dialog could be neat for that kind of thing, I agree. Remember to request it via GPSoftware support if it's something you want.

The additional status dialog isn't supposed to appear and has been reported to GPSoftware. There's a workaround for it in this thread:

resource.dopus.com/viewtopic.php ... s+progress