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FTP translation

I've just recently convinced enough people at our office that they need DOpus so that we could get a 5 seat licence, and I can spend time really learning about what it can do.

I work as a developer on a large website, that has several subdomains; We maintain the files through Subversion, however the live version is manually updated.

I keep a copy of each site on my hard drive, and would like a quick way to send files off to the appropriate server (perhaps through a right-click menu option) for example:

|-portfolio =
|-features =
|-wiki =
|-newsletter =

each of these directories are laid out exactly the same way as the remote site so I'm guessing it's a matter of looking where the file is, and uploading to the appropriate place - however I have no idea where to start.

Thanks in advance for taking the time, if there is anything unclear, I'll see if I can clear it up.

This should be easy to do.

First thing I'd recommend is to get up to speed with button editing by watching the video tutorial (it's video only, no headphones required).

Then have a read about the Copy command in the Opus manual under the "Opus Raw Commands" section.

The command you want will probably be something simple, like

Copy To=""

Once you understand all of that you should be able to create a button, or right-click context menu entry, for each destination that you may need to copy to.

You could make it more advanced by automatically selecting the source files but we can talk about that later, once the basics are working.