FTP Tree View

DOpus is a great program that replaces more and more other tools. I would like to use it as a FTP client too but I can't figure out how to turn on the tree view of the FTP server. Is there a trick?

And is there a possibility to use DOpus as a SCP client?

Unfortunately, Opus doesn't seem to support using the tree to navigate FTP sites.

The good news is that SCP works in Opus, as well as SFTP.

SCP support costs a bit extra when you buy your licence. (You still get to try it during the evaluation stage, to make sure it works as you expect but when you buy your licence and end the evaluation stage you have to decide whether or not to include the "advanced FTP" option. Of course, if you've got a normal licence and later find you want to add-on SCP and SFTP then you can pay the extra to enable it.)