FTP unstable/slow DOPUS only

Hello everyone

I love Dopus but I always had a problem with the FTP performance.

To say it short: It is very slow and also unstable.
I use many different kind of servers and here is the thing: I always end up using FILEZILLA. And I just add the URL and Password and Port and it works like it should. It is fast and I can leave the PC for hours and GBs of files are copied.

How is it that Filezilla works without tweaking and I cannot use DOPUS FTP for my work?

I am not ranting - I am just frustrated. I am to inexperiences to search for errors.

I tried changing from Passive to Active mode.

Serversettings are untouched. (I mean the MISC tab under the FTP settings in DOPUS. It is all set to

Does someone have some tips on how I can search for errors or change some settings which might do the trick?


Unstable in what sense? That can mean several things so we need more context to understand.

Slow in which circumstances? Lots of small files? Large files? LAN server? Internet server? What speeds are you expecting vs what you get? Is FileZilla transferring multiple files at once but doing each one around the same speed as Opus?

Have you looked at the FTP FAQ? That includes information on how to open the FTP log for more detail.

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You are correct. My description is too vague. Thanks.

I will activate the protocol and copy the files (5 GB webpage).

And also do a comparison with Filezilla.

I will be back... probably late :slight_smile: