FTP: "WSAENOBUFS: No buffer space available"


New to this forum but a DO old-timer - with a quick question regarding FTP.

I work on pretty large web sites (large as in thousands upon thousands of files), so Opus's FTP & multithreading really comes into its own. However, when uploading to a specific server, I get this in my FTP log output:

WSAENOBUFS: No buffer space available
** WSA returns ERROR **
listen() - WSAENOBUFS: No buffer space available
** WSA returns ERROR **
.. and so on on.

This causes a "Copy Error" warning dialog to appear, which says that "An operation on a socket failed because there was no buffer space or a queue was full" (sorry, this is not the exact warning message, but thereabouts). You get Retry, Skip, options, but Retrying, even after a while, just brings up the same prompt.

Has anyone seen this? Is it server or client side? I tried searching the forum here and looking at the online help, to no avail...

I haven't heard of this error before. It sounds like it's specific to the server (or the server's software) but maybe Opus can be changed to work around it.

Your best bet with specific FTP issues like this is to talk to Greg @ GPSoft directly. You can use the official support form or send him an email.