Function to duplicate lister (right to left or left to right

Does anyone know the function to duplicate a lister? When I have activated the right lister I want to duplicate the left one with a press of a button if possible.

Go CURRENT OPENINDEST will open the directory shown in the Source side in the Destination side. You can also click the button in the File Display Border (next to the small back/forward/parent/close buttons) that does the same, unless it's switched off in Preferences.

I don't know of a way to fully duplicate the display beyond the directory that is being shown. (e.g. I don't think either of these will copy the view mode and so on.) There's a separate command to copy the file selection from one side to the other (whether or not they're showing the same directory), though.

thx nudel! exactly what I needed. Made an extra button, since I think I disabled the normal visible option button as you mentioned.

thx again!!

Glad you've got what you wanted! :slight_smile:

To duplicate the current source display in the other side, just click the small duplicate button in the lister inner title. It looks like <-| or |->

Does that work with dual-pane listers?

The <-| and |-> buttons only work with dual-pane listers. If you press the button in a single-pane lister it will turn into a dual-pane one showing the same folder in both sides.