FUSE-like integration: Dokany?


I'm a "new again" Windows user because of homework, my laptop is dual boot and use Linux quite often too. I'm trying DOpus because I hate Windows but need a better interface on it. There's nice stuff, but I miss FUSE-like support.

I need to sync the same files on different cloud sharing sites, NAS and my workstation. I use Dropbox, Google Dribe, SSHFS and Samba. I wonder how to make this easily under Windows.

There's the extra penalty that I'm using my EXT4 partition to store most of the stuff. Google Drive doesn't work under EXT4, it gives lots of issues even if being tricky (you can read here about it.

There's Dokany, a Dokan fork that is gaining traction. It's both a FUSE-like and provides the FUSE API too. I hope someone ports stuff like Google-Drive-OcamlFUSE or CloudFusion gets resurrected (it provides lots of support to different cloud storage services).

I have some hopes in rclone too.

I know my configuration isn't standard. But isn't DOpus about get custom?

I would love to be able to use these systems integrated easily, plus DOpus integration.

Kind regards.

I found this post later, sorry...