FYI - DOpus won't install due to Temp folder reassignment

DOpus 12.19, WIndows 10 x64

As the Topic says, a few days ago I installed a Ramdisk (drive X:) and reassigned the System & User TEMP and TMP Environment variables. I've had no issues until I tried to install DOpus 12.19. The installation hung for a few seconds then just quit, no messages whatsoever. Task Manager showed two entries for "Installshield(R) 64-bit Setup Engine" which I ended up killing. There were two .dmp files created; Setupexe.dmp and Setupexe(1).dmp. I removed the Ramdisk and reassigned the TEMP & TMP folders to there normal settings and the DOpus installation finished without any issues. Just thought I'd document it here in case others have experienced strange installation issues.

Bob Gregory


There's an alternative installer you can try (still in testing but we can send it to you if you want to try it).

However, moving the temp folder to a RAM disk seems risky as there are quite a few things (installers for various software and drivers I can think of) which will write files to temp and expect them to still be there after a system restart. Breaking that seems a very bad idea to me.

I did consider the temp files not being there on a reboot but figured I'd give it a try. After this issue I decided to remove the Ramdisk. I will gladly test your new installer though.

Thanks Leo

Here's how to get it, although it's less important if you aren't seeing any issues anymore: