Garbled French accents

Tried to use Opus 10 with Windows 7 Sp 1. I have thousands of tags (photo descriptions) associated with files, many of them include French accents such as é û etc. They do not show properly in Opus, but rather as garbled @@@.

I loaded Xplorer2 and the letters were shown correctly.

Is this an English only (non-European) program? I cannot re-write all of these descriptions.

The tags also show correctly in Windows Explorer.

Please provide a sample file so we can try to reproduce what you're seeing.

I don't think that would be necessary. You could just type a file tag or description in Windows Explorer, and then view the listing it Opus 10. If it typed in Opus, it will show correctly. However, if it picked up from a pre-existing listing from Windows, it does not.

Did it occur to you we can't easily type these characters? If someone offers to help you and as part of that asks for a sample file, it's a fair bet that it is actually necessary.

I've done that and the tag displays fine in Opus. See the screenshot below.

It will be a lot quicker and easier if you just give us a file that demonstrates the problem so that we can look at it, rather than us having to try to guess how to re-create whatever is happening.

I've just test this and it's ok for me (Win7 SP1 french)