Garmin Zumo (MTP device) not showing on Drive Buttons toolbar


I connect my Garmin Zumo GPS to my pc however Dopus will not show it, the explorer wil, so this is not a problem with other external devices which are always recognized, what could be the problem

Does it appear under This PC or in the folder tree?

From the screenshot it looks like we're only talking about the toolbar drivebuttons, which may not be configured to show MTP devices, as one possibility.

this pc , see screenshot

What do you see under This PC in Opus?

then I do see it,

So is there a way when I connect this device that I acutaly see it, or that it changes to that device location?

So we are just talking about the drive buttons on your toolbar, correct? Or is it missing from another place you expect to see it?

yes in the drive buttons toolbar, just as i woul see a USB drive

OK. I've edited the subject line to help other people searching for answers.

Edit the toolbar and open the button which is generating the drive buttons. What command does it run?

It will probably be Go DRIVEBUTTONS or Go DRIVEBUTTONS=<something>.

If it's the latter, and the <something> doesn't include ,mtp then you need to add that or it will filter out MTP devices.