General usage problems after upgrade to 12.7

I have just upgraded to 12.7 from 11.x. I am rather frustrated because most simple things from old version do not work anymore!

• Hide folders command (previously F7) does not work anymore. Did not find "Hide folders" command in Customize dialog

• Toolbars are not clearly marked as from previous version or from new 12 version

• When I enter *.pdf in the Filter field many other file types are displayed. In the previous version 11 only PDf files were displayed

That isn't one of the default/standard commands (unless you mean toggling the Folder Tree, which is in the Lister menu with F8 hotkey by default).

If you were using a customized toolbar/menu setup before, it's still there and you can switch back to it or temporarily turn it on to copy custom buttons out of it as needed: Your toolbars are still there after you upgrade.

in what sense? Could you give an example? The default toolbars between Opus 11 and 12 did not change fundamentally; we just added some new commands to them. If the Opus 12 toolbars seem unfamiliar to you, maybe you were not using the Opus 11 toolbars either but have a setup dating back to a much older version? You can always go back to your old toolbars if you wish.

Please post a screenshot so we can see how the filter is set up and some examples of files shown that shouldn't be.

PS/Reminder: please ask one question per thread.

Your link "Your toolbars are still there after you upgrade" does not work. How can I temporarily switch back to my previous configuration?

Fixed link: Your old toolbars are still there after you upgrade.

Thanks. There was a small bar on the bottom of the left lister which contained a filter field which seems to be better, so I deleted the old filter field from the old toolbar. But now the small bar is gone and I don't know how to make it reappear.

OK, I have discovered the Filter Bar which seems to be very powerful. No more questions.

Ah, one more: It would be helpful to get the toolbar name when clicking on a toolbar. Is this possible?

When you enter customise mode, If your right click on a toolbar (avoiding a button) and select Customize from the menu the selected toolbar will be highlighted in the Customize window.


And you can also double-click toolbars in the Customize list (the one in wowbagger's screenshot, above) to make the toolbar flash in the lister.

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