Genre column (131)Indie?

Hi to everyone!

When I display the contents of a music folder with details (title, album, genre, bitrate, etc.) the mp3's which have a Indie genre appear as bIndie[/b]. Why?

This is the only genre that appears like that. Is that a bug?

Is there a thing I can do to avoid the (131)?

Thank you :unamused:

My bet is that whatever wrote the tags did so in an unusual (and probably non-standard but I'm no expert) way.

ID3v2 genre tags should either be a string with the genre name, e.g. "Indie", or a string with a number in brackets which refers to the list of pre-defined ID3v1 genres, e.g. "(131)". Using both seems odd to me.

I would use whatever your favourite tag editor is to re-write the tags on the files and the problem will probably go away.

That said, it seems you are not alone (and Opus is not the only program affected) in seeing this, so maybe the Opus MP3.dll should be updated to handle the case where both a number and a string are provided (instead of one or the other). I don't understand the reason being writing tags in that way but we can't change that. ... p?f=4&t=27

That thread says that Winamp ignores the number in brackets and displays the string after it in cases where both are used. (We just have to hope there isn't actually a genre called (123)Blah one day as it would be displayed as Blah. :slight_smile:)


Well I'm using Magic File Renamer to do the tagging. It seems weird to me that only the Indie tag shows that way.

I'll post on the MFR forum to see what they have to say.

Anyway, I think that if both are present (ID3v1 & ID3v2), ID3v2 should be taken because the genre is not limited to a predefined list.

I will use another tagger and see if the problem persists, if so then it is an Opus issue.

Thank you a lot!

:confused: I tagged my files directly with winamp but I still get the (131) part.
Maybe we should advise the developers.


Can you post an example file that exhibits this problem?

I tired to attach the file but mp3's are not allowed and the max file size is one MB. The file is here

Thanks, I will download and take a look!

Oh, I forgot to mention that I changed the mp3's extension to .txt.