German Support?

Hi Community,

I have read that the German support will be taken over by Haage & Partner. Unfortunately, this is no longer available, neither over the phone not over the forum. The only ones who still help are users in their forum.
If you order on the German side, you pay a surcharge, which is then not justified.

Can someone give information on this?

Sorry for my bad english.


Your English is better than most native speakers. No need to apologise!

If you don't want to buy from H&P, you can buy directly from GPSoftware via Online Order and the licence you get works with both the German and International installers.

Both installers include the files for running Opus in German. The main difference between two is the language used by the installers themselves.

The auto-updater will get the same installer type that you used to install the program. For manual downloads/reinstalls, posts in the New Releases are here have links to both installers, so you can download the one you prefer.

You can get support here, whether you buy direct from us or from a reseller, but only in English unfortunately, since we don't speak any other language well enough.

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