Get a program's jumplist items?

All the results when I try to search the web are about DOpus providing jumplist items to the OS.
But I was wondering: Is there a way to get a certain application's current jumplist items?
It would be neat if I could create a menu-button that has the option to display any of the (recent/pinned...) files, what ever is currently registered for it, with the main program that is linked in the button.
It's a long shot, but is there already a part of DOpus that would provide assistance in this?

If you go to /recent, are the files you want there? If so you could put that folder in a menu and filter by extension to get something like that.

Good idea, but for my purposes Recent Items doesn't reach nearly enough far back to, among all the files and locations ever registered, find enough of any single program's most recent files.
If there is a way to increase the limit of files remembered there, I wouldn't personally feel comfortable cranking it up high enough (probably never delete anything) just to avoid older links to be purged.
I'll look into it OS side then. Maybe I'll find a way that's worth sharing with the DOpus community if it gains a lot from being made into a button script thingy

Oh, actually... It looks like the jumplist entries are saved there also; just in the subfolder \AutomaticDestinations, in .automaticDestinations-ms files, bearing the App-ID of the application in question.
A search for an App-ID in my registry is still running, I hope they can easily be looked up.
Contents are not immediately readable. Seems they are Structured Storage files.
Luckily, there's a C# .NET project that facilitates interaction with those.
I'm hot on the track of solving this mystery :smiling_imp:

OMG, of course there's a NirSoft thing for that :joy: :heart_eyes: