Get Dir Opus to recognize APE format

Is there a way to add a file format so that DirOpus will recognize it? I have most of my music in *.ape format but DirOpus does not seem to recognize them as music files. If I force the lister into the Music content type it will not see any of the tags.

I am not familiar with the .ape format, however you can tell Opus what to do when you double-click on a file with an .ape (or any other) extension. What happens when you double click on one of those .ape files using the Windows Explorer?

The tags is an easy thing: DOpus isn't going to read them. Unless someone writes a plugin for it. Opus will only read ID3 tags, not APE tags, or AAC tags, etc. I think that Nudel wrote a plugin for OGG tags, but I can't really remember (not my file type of choice).

For the other thing, about Opus recognizing them as music files: yes, you can get Opus to recognize them, but how you go about doing that is different depending on what you are looking for.

Do you want DOpus to think they are music files so that they trigger a Content Type folder format? Do you want DOpus to think that they are music files so that they open in Foobar 2000 (or WMP, or MediaMonkey, or whatever player you use)? Do you want DOpus to think that they are music files so that certain items appear in the context menu?

Trying to get your intent from your post, I'm guessing that you want DOpus to recognize them as music files so that they trigger the "Music" content type format. To do that, go to Settings...File Types. Click the plus sign next to "File Type Groups." Double-click on "Music". In the "Extensions" box, type ".ape" (without quotes) and then click "Add". Then click "OK", and then "Close". Viola. Now APE files will be included in the list of "music" files that will trigger content type formats (and special context menu items, if you have any).

But you still won't be able to see the tags in DOpus. :slight_smile: Sorry about that one, but you'll have to write a plugin (or ask someone else to do it, or make a program suggestion to GPSoft and keep your fingers crossed...)

Let us know if you need more help or if something goes wrong. Or if I just completely missed the point of your post. :slight_smile:


APE is a lossless music format similar to flac. The file association is not a problem. If I double click on it, it will open up in the correct application. What I'm looking for is to have DirOpus read the tags and present them in the music folder content type.

If I open a folder with MP3s they will open in the Music content type showing all the appropriate tag information. If I open a folder with ape content, DirOpus will not recognize them as music files and open in the details mode. Even after manually switching to Music content, DirOpus does not recognize the tags.

As chris just said, Opus isn't going to read tags from .ape files unless someone writes a plugin for them - similar to the way Ogg Vorbis/Ogg Flac/Flac has been done.

Okay, I understand now. It would be nice if this could be built into the application. I'm not a programmer but I don't think it would be difficult to add this support as many freeware/shareware music players and tag editors read very many tag formats.

Actually a lot of tag editors don't bother with the .ape format tbh. Most people use .mp3 and lossless formats such as flac are growing in popularity too.

Such as ape! Ape is a lossless format that is better than flac IMO. And, ape is not just some obscure format, there are quite a few people out there using it.

In any case, I appreciate the answers. It really isn't that big of a deal.

I'm not saying it's an obscure format, or better or worse than any other. Simply that most people use mp3 and most of the tag editors I've tried do not support it.

As we've said Opus can support the tags if someone writes a plugin for it - you need to petition a programmer to do this for you.

Ok, I'll write a plugin. At one point I was debating over writing a 'player' plugin that would actually playback APE files inside Opus preview pane or somethign along those lines... but I just don't have the time or motivation since foobar gets me by.

@Jon or Nudel:

Is the ogg plugin code a likely candidate to use as a template of a plugin like this? I think Nosh recently uploaded some Unicode edits of some of the plugins... including ogg. Maybe start there?

It should be a good starting point, yeah.

The APE tag format looks pretty simple and I didn't find any simple libraries out there so it probably makes sense to write your own APE tag parser, in which case the plugin will probably be more simple than the Ogg one (which has a bunch of wrapper classes to satisfy the Ogg and FLAC APIs).

ogg.cpp/.h and Win32Wrapper.cpp are probably the only files you need to look at. Both are quite short. You just have to recognise a file or IStream and then copy some information out of it and into the DVPFileInfoMusic structure.

I'd like to re-write ogg.dll one day to use its own parser as I think the Vorbis Comments format is about as easy to handle as APE and it woudl mean the plugin would no longer be bloated out by linking with the full Ogg Vorbis and FLAC libraries (including the audio encoders/decoders which are never used).

You're my hero. Thank you.

@nudel - ok cool. Thanks for the heads up.

@edbro9 - I use APE format also for 'permanent' archival to DVD, and mp3 fo everyday listening. And while it's a slow process, I like to get all my tages in order before backing up to DVD, and being able to eyeball tag settings directly in Opus would help speed some stuff up here and there... so... happy to look into it.

Is this still in the works?