Get information about Mouse events to aid in scripting

I'm wondering if the developers have considered adding the option to script mouse events, receive information about the object being clicked (full data, which will include selection status and other stuff a developer might want to tinker with). I think this would be a nice addition to DOpus, which I have proposed a while ago.

About 8 months ago I was interested in purchasing DOpus, but I ran across an issue which I found to be a deal breaker ( Power Mode Left Click to only move caret? ). I couldn't emulate a behavior I find important in my current file manager (Total Commander). I invested quite a bit of effort in adapting to DOpus and I'm still interested in it :slight_smile:.

The script I'd like to be able to write would look like this:

//Ignore all other left click behavior: do not toggle selection, however, *do* move the caret to the location of the left click. @script jscript function OnMouseClick(data) { if (data.leftClick) { Item.focused = true; //I do not know the command for this so I'm writing in "pseudocode". if (Item.selected) data.func.command.RunCommand("rename inline"); } return; }

I'm still not convinced there's a need for scripting for this, since it seems all you really want is a power mode option to set focus on mouse click without selection.

Think of all the nice scripts people could make if you would offer mouse events :slight_smile:.

P.S.: That power mode option would work as well, if it would exist :wink:.