Get values from a column

Could you consider adding the ability to get a snapshot of all values displayed in a particular column currently in use? Similar to what happens when you Ctrl + right click on a column header and then copy its contents plus all filepaths, but have it work via scripting.
The reason for my request is that with the introduction of FAYT scripts, it opens up the possibility of creating tools to filter by any column. The implementation is achievable, and in most cases it works really well. The problem comes with those script columns whose displayed values cannot be obtained via scripting (if this is possible, please let me know below), and for this you have to resort to other artifacts such as the PRINT command, which is slow and not very suitable under certain conditions. In addition, if the current tab is in Flat View mode or in a collection, you have to make sure that the Path column is enabled (for the PRINT command).
As a suggestion, this method could be called from Column.Snapshot() and return a map with strings of the full name and values -as seen- of the column itself.

I have a suggestion that I hope you will find useful, and more importantly, that you will eventually be able to implement
Add arguments to CLIPBOARD COPYCOLUMNS to refer to a column and cells.
e.g. INDEX=1 to copy all values from the first column.
INDEX=1-3;selected , to copy all values from first three columns for the selected items.

Also, if it is not too bold of me, would it be possible to add an additional argument (such as TOVAR=$glob:myvar?) that lets you retrieve the values in a variable rather than in clipboard thus avoiding modifying the clipboard to get those values. Perhaps this argument could only be taken into account when the command is executed via scripting, since is there where that info is more required.

I really appreciate all the work you are doing, looking forward for the release!

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