Getting a dul lister format to "stick" and apply to all future folders


I sent this as an email using an address from a response you sent me some time ago and I just realized itmust have gone to a noreply email address – probably why you did not respond!!

I am a long time user but I have just wasted an hour trying to get the folder format in DOPUS to stick _ ihave set the user default format to what I want – done a “reset to user default” and it stays for one close /open step and then the next time I close and open dopus we are back to an unhelpful format. I think I am following the instructions but I simply do not have time to invest in something as simple as this – how can I make my format (file name, status, date mod, size, dimensions…) stick for all time

Apologies to bother you but the instructions and googleing have not given me an answer

Did you follow these instructions? They are usually all you need:

Sorry to waste yor time with the question - I had used the search function and gone in too deep and missed this general info page - hopefully solved!