Getting viewer to work

V 11.17 x 64.

Viewer doesn't show pdf or doc or xlt files. I've researched for how to fix, but can't find anything that helps me.

Could you please explain how to get viewer working as if I'm five?

Can you view those file types in Explorer? (in its preview pane, that is).

Yes, I can see pdf and doc in the preview panes in File Explorer.

Thanks for quick reply.

Which plugins are enabled under Preferences / Viewer / Plugins?

Make sure the ActiveX+Preview+Office+Web plugin is enabled, and MultiView (if present) is disabled.

If they are that way and things still don't work:

  • What happens when you view the files? Is the viewer pane blank or is the wrong type of thing displayed?

  • Does it say the name of a plugin or viewer at the top of the viewer pane, after the filename? (You may need to make the window quite wide so there is enough space after the name.)

Thank you for your help. I'd like to fix this.

I think below pictures answer your questions.

I'd be grateful for any clues you could give me.

It looks like you've deleted a lot of things out of the plugins folder, as there's only one plugin in the list.

If some of the components of the ActiveX plugin have been deleted then none of the files it views will work.

Please try reinstalling Opus over the top of itself to see if that solves things. That should put all the viewer components back again.

Don't uninstall first (that would wipe your config); just run the installer over what you have.

If you're using Opus 11, I recommend the 11.19 installer rather than staying on 11.17. You can get the latest Opus 11 installer from here.

If you want to disable any of the internal plugins you can just turn them off by clicking their checkboxes in Preferences; you don't need to delete the files themselves.