Give Access To context menu option missing

Recently installed a registered copy of DOpus 12.x on a new Dell Win10 Pro notebook. Today I'm running DOpus and select, then right-click on an already existing and shared folder. Strange but the "Give access to" context menu option is missing in DO, although the shared folder icon does display. Running Windows File Explorer includes the "Give access to" option as I would expect.
If I select the drive C:\ and right-click then the "Give access to" option does display. This behavior differs from DOpus 11.x that was installed years ago on another of my home PCs also running Win10 Pro. Is there a "Preferences" setting that could possibly explain this? I did perform a reinstall of DOpus (as the administrator) and verified the DO shortcuts with "run as administrator" option is selected. Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.

I think that menu doesn't work outside of File Explorer, at least from memory.

But you can do most of the same things via the Properties dialog accessed via the same menu.


Just to be clear, DOpus v11.x does display the "Give access to" option in the context menu on the older PC but version 12 (at least on the new notebook PC) does not. That's why I thought maybe a Preference setting could be causing the issue.

Does the menu item actually work? I think we hid it because it didn't work.