Go BACK with Ctrl down, without opening dual display

Most of the time, I need Go UP BACK when I double clic file background.

But I have collection with folders as members and if I open folder from collection, I often want to Go BACK to Collection when I double clic background.

I create an user command like this and put in Preferences > File Displays > Mouse > Double-click on file display background :

go up back
go back
Set DUAL=Horiz

Ok with none, shift and alt keys. :+1:t3:
But problem with ctrl + double clic : my collection is open in dual mode. :-1:t3:

I reduce my user command to :

go back

Same thing… :-1:t3:

I edit again :

@confirm : “Go back test”
go back

I have confirmation dialog then lister go back to my collection. :thinking:

Also if I set ”go back” in Prefs, there is no problem and I go back to my collection.

Is there a bug ?

Add the IGNOREQUAL argument if you don't want the Go command's default behavior with the Ctrl, Shift, etc. keys:

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