Go command (when in archive)

I have the option File Displays | Mouse | "Double-click on the file display background" set to "Go UP BACK" to make navigation easier.

On occasion I will double click on a zip archive to look at its contents and then double click in the file display to go 'back' to the folder containing the zip file. Since Dopus extracted the zip file to a temp folder while I viewed it I am instead taken to the temp folder.

I can get around this behaviour by changing the double-click to just "Go BACK" but then I lose the efficiency of jumping to parent directories easily (which GO UP BACK provides).

Would it be possible to add some sort of option/argument that allows 'Go UP BACK' to do 'BACK' rather than 'UP' when it detects you're in an archive?

"Go UP BACK" from within an archive will take you to the folder the archive is in, not a temp folder.

Do you mean an archive in an archive?

No, just a regular single 'level' archive.

My mistake though - I've just realised I was in an FTP directory when I tried this. This wasn't immediately obvious because Dopus handles FTP sites so seamlessly! :slight_smile:

If there's the possibility of this scenario (FTP archive) being handled via an option, etc that'd be great, but otherwise it's not a major bother.

Thanks for the prompt response.

ZIP-on-FTP is a bit like ZIP-in-ZIP. You can't enter the archive directly, so it has to be downloaded/extracted to temp when you double-click it, and you then enter the temp copy.

ZIP-on-local-drive allows you to open it directly so there's no need to use the temp folder; the temp folder isn't used unless you start trying to open files within the zip (which would normally only matter for ZIP-in-ZIP or similar).