Go FolderContent=dblclickmenu has stopped launching shortcuts

I have a folder of folders and shortcuts similar to the Windows Start Menu that I use as as well sorted and arranged personal start menu. As of recently, ~ 13.0.44, it has stopped launching the programs the shortcuts point to and only opens the containing folder.

Go FolderContent=dblclickmenu Path="C:\Mypath"

If I restore my October 3 backup it works fine.
I can install a few later versions, but at some point it stops working.
I know that is a vague description, but it worked fine until 13.0.44, and I can no longer get it to work with 13.0.43 either even after restoring my Oct 3 backup.

I did get it to work for a short time with 13.0.44 by using a toolbar from a backup, but that stopped working too. I had it fixed yesterday and made a new backup. Today it stopped working.
Restoring yesterday's backup doesn't help.

Do the things the shortcuts point to still exist, at the same paths? That seems like the easiest explanation for a change.

Yes, they all still exist.
No paths have changed.
Opus opens the folder that contains the shortcut I clicked instead of executing the shortcut.

I use a similar button that works fine.

Usually with FOLDERCONTENT but FOLDERCONTENT=dblclickmenu is ok, too.

The links were all created with Copy MAKELINK.

Update. I saw the same problem and dug a bit deeper. This seems to only affect shortcuts to .exe files. All other targets work fine.

Thanks for looking into this !
I have felt terrible not being able to be provide anything other than a vague description of the problem with no specific event in time that triggered it. I was afraid I needed to start over with a clean install of Dopus or restore a Windows backup.

This seems to only affect shortcuts to .exe files. All other targets work fine.

Yes, shortcuts that point to Manuals and Help files are unaffected here .
Url's also are unaffected.
Shortcuts to .exe files are definitely affected.

That's fixed in the next beta. Thanks for reporting it.