Go FOLDERCONTENT excluding dirs / including zips?

I hope I'm just doing something wrong, but I can't seem to be able to get the FOLDERCONTENT arguments to work in 12.28. Specifically, I've tried using FOLDERCONTENT="nodirs", and FOLDERCONTENT="filefilter=*.zip". But in each case, I always get a standard directory listing with ALL files and directories displayed. FOLDERCONTENT appears to be ignored. It is displaying the correct directory, but not filtering as specified.

Below are screenshots of the button commands I've tried to use.


I hope I'm just doing something wrong, so any help would be appreciated.

From the docs:

Display the contents of the path specified by the PATH argument in drop-down menus (acts as a dynamic button)

I guess you are looking for a quickfilter, e.g.:



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Similar commands work OK here.

Go FOLDERCONTENT will create a list of things in the menu (or on the toolbar) where it is placed. It does not affect what is shown in the file display, if that's what you're expecting.

See Lxp's reply above mine (we both replied at the same time) for how to filter the file display instead, if that's what you're aiming for.

Aha! QUICKFILTER is exactly what I am looking for. I was definitely looking in the wrong direction.

Thank you for your quick replies!

Go PATH="C:\Program Files (x86)\Glary Utilities 5" FOLDERCONTENT "nodirs,hideext,filefilter=*.exe"