Go FOLDERCONTENT isn't expanding shortcuts to folders

Go FOLDERCONTENT isn't expanding shortcuts to folders in Directory Opus 12.21.1 running under Windows 10 version 2004 (noparselinks isn't set). Is anyone else seeing this?

What's the exact command you're running?

Is this a change in behavior that you've noticed? (From which version?) Or is it a general observation from trying it for the first time?

From what I can tell, if noparselinks is specified then you get the raw .lnk files in the menus, and if it is not specified then you get buttons which go to the target folders in the menus. You don't get expandable sub-menus for folder shortcuts (in modes that generate sub-menus for normal folders). I'm not sure if you ever did, although it might make sense as a feature request. If it did used to behave differently, please let us know which version so we can investigate the changes between then and now.

Thanks for the quick response, Leo.

The command I'm running is just Go FOLDERCONTENT=showempty.

I can't say that I specifically remember ever seeing Go FOLDERCONTENT expand shortcuts to folders. That's what I thought was supposed to happen in the absence of noparselinks, based on the description of Go FOLDERCONTENT=noparselinks in the help file: "Prevents shortcuts from being resolved. Without this, a shortcut to a folder will be expandable just like a normal sub-folder." I thought noparselinks had to do more than just cause the .lnk extension to be displayed on shortcuts.

I really only started playing around with the command on a new computer running Windows 10 and thought it might be due to a quirk in a recent version of the operating system.

It seems to me that it would be a useful feature if it wasn't intended to be.

From looking at the code, it was definitely never intended to happen.

But I think it also makes sense, especially considering the Start Menu (which some people use this for). It was easy enough to add, so we've done that for the next update.

Great. Thanks, Leo.