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Go NEWTAB=findexisting

Hi Guys,

Whenever I add a folder to a toolbar, which is a regular occurrence when working within complex file structures, I always have to manually add NEWTAB=findexisting to the commands.

Is there any way to automatically add this argument by holding, for example, the CTRL key when I drag them to the toolbar?



PS: What is the collective name for the CTRL, SHIFT & ALT keys?

Not currently, but you could tackle it a different way, maybe. If you add the folders to Favorites, or to a special branch of Favorites, you could have a command which lists all the Favorites folders (or those below the special branch) and opens them in a new tab.

"Qualifiers", at least in Windows lingo. I'm not sure if other OS/communities use the same term.

Thanks Leo, I'll have a look a the favourites method.

Yes, that's what I was looking for. I only care about Opus anyway. Thank you :slight_smile: