Go NEWTAB fromsel OPENINDUAL action on parent folder (..)

Consider we have a lister in dual display mode.
Internal command 1 below opens the current folder in the current (destination) tab in the other display.


Internal command 2 below I think is different I think in 2 ways:

  1. It opens a new tab in the other (destination) display.
  2. The newly created destination tab is opened with the currently selected folder.


So far so good.
In Settings > Preferences > Folders > Folder Display there is a checkbox which I have ticked with the following description:

Show '..' parent item in folders

When I move the cursor to the parent folder (Show at the top of as ".." in the source pane, and execute internal command 2 above it does not work for me.
Should it work?
Is it possible to make it work?

Thanking you for any reply

Would appreciate any takers for this one.
I have prepared a screen video of the problem in the hope that this encourages a response..
Sincere thank you for any reply

By design the .. item is a pseudo item. You can double-click it and drag and drop to it, but it isn't visible to scripts or commands.