Go Opencontainer=target button

I'm using Go OPENCONTAINER=target NEWTAB command to resolve symlinks.

I created D:\Store symlink that points to D:\Cache\Dropbox\Store

When I'm in D:\ and select Store and click the button, it works OK. But if I go to eg. D:\Store\MyFiles, select eg. 1.txt and click that button, nothing happens.
On the other hand, if I use the exact same command in File Types -> all files & folders -> context menu item, it correcty resolves the real path and redirects me to D:\Cache\Dropbox\Store\MyFiles and selects 1.txt.

How do I get the same behavior with a button?

And what I'm really going to do is to use this command on {sourcepath} (so I don't have to select any file). Is this possible?