Go /quickaccess FOLDERCONTENT crazy file names and click position

v12.14.1 beta
"Go /quickaccess FOLDERCONTENT" is a sub-item in a menu button.
The file names and "where the mouse clicks" are wrong.
Screenshot and button are attached.
Image parts:

  1. My Quickaccess folder
  2. The menu that pops up when I right-click the button.
  3. The popup when I hover over the last entry in the menu.

The hover-popups for all the files (not folders) start with "idl:?".
Also when I click a folder in the menu, it opens the item below the one I click, e.g. if I click the "blank" entry at the top, it takes me to the Downloads dir, and if I click the dir called "New" it takes me to "RAMDISK R:"

QA.dcf (589 Bytes)

Thanks for reporting this!

We've fixed it for the next update.

If you want to clean it up in the meantime (or don't want files in the menu either way), change the command so it hides files:

Go /quickaccess FOLDERCONTENT=norecurse,nofiles

In the next beta, the file names will display correctly (if they aren't filtered out).

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