Go TABGROUPSAVE = {dlgstring|SuffiXXX} !closeall

I have an Go internal command below which saves a Tab group.
As you can see it is set so that all existing tabs are closed (!closeall) when the tab group is opened.
When I invoke/open the tab group the group duly opens, closing all existing tabs as it should.
So far so good.

Go TABGROUPSAVE={dlgstring|SuffiXXX} !closeall

However if I am in a dual lister, the destination lister pane disappears.
I want the destination lister to remain in place and with its tabs unchanged.
Is this possible?

Many thanks as always

The command syntax is incorrect there, which may be why it's not doing what you expect.

Example in the manual:

Go TABGROUPSAVE="!both,!closeall,My Tab Group"

So your command should be:

Go TABGROUPSAVE="!closeall,{dlgstring|SuffiXXX}"