Go Up and select previous Dir?


I offten navigate with my arrow key and my right key is to go into the directory and the key left is "Go Up" .. is it possible that after i "Go Up" the marker is on the Directory in which i was before?


If you bind the key to "Go Up Back" then it'll highlight the folder if you were in, but only if you originally went to it via its parent (i.e. the folder you've gone up to).

I'd also like it to highlight the folder in all situations, whether "Go Up Back" ends up using a cached listing or not, but it doesn't work that way right now, at least.

Having said that, you can turn on Preferences, Folders, Options, Higlight previous folder on Up/Back for x seconds, which will underline the folder you came from whether or not the parent is cached.

Personally, I don't like the flashing underlining and would prefer the folder was selected (like with Go Back Up) but maybe I'm just being picky. :slight_smile:

The blinking stuff i allready know :wink: รถ. I'am also not the biggest fan of this function. Mayabe it could addet for a new release ..