Go within archive

I have added a button with a following command:
Go {filepath} CURRENT

I use it after find, to select some entry from the find results and go to it. It works nicely, but is broken if the result is within archive. For example, if the result is c:\temp\aa.zip\bb.txt, instead of going there, DOpus will jump to C:\Users...\AppData\Local\Temp\dtemp-d16fd148201750359-20.dop\bb.txt . I understand why it happens, but I believe it shouldn't happen in this scenario.

Go OPENCONTAINER or Go OPENCONTAINER NEWTAB=findexisting is the usual way to do that, and should be in the default right-click menu for Collection Items. (May be missing if your config dates back to a really old version.)

As for what you see when using {filepath}, see @nolocalizefiles here.

Yup, Go OPENCONTAINER works. Thanks!