Google Desktop Search Button?

There is useful button code contributed to Buttons and Toolbars by Steve with a subject of Quick web searches that provides a quick front end to Google.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<button display="label" effect="gray">
   <function type="normal">
      <instruction>"{dlgstring|Enter search term/s}"</instruction>

I'd hoped to adapt this to use Google Desktop to search locally. Unfortunately it is not quite as simple as replacing

There is a Google Desktop API page here, but I have been singularly unsuccessful in applying what is documented therein.
Has anyone else had a go at this and come up with a working solution?

Regards, AB

Opus already has integrated support for Google desktop search :slight_smile:

I'm after a way of constructing and sending queries to Google Desktop using a button. Specifically, I often want to search inside a single folder for a string contained in a subset of files, for example (pseudo code):

GoogleDesktop somestring filetype:doc under:"C:\Some Folder"

There may be a way of achieving this with the internal Find command using the Google option but I have not been able to work it out.

Regards, AB :cry:

I don't have Google Desktop installed, and I've never used Google Desktop in or out of Opus, so I don't know how it works exactly. That said, maybe something like this will work:

Find GOOGLE NAME="*.doc" IN="C:\Some Folder" CONTAINING="somestring"

It's completely untested so it might not work. Sorry if it's useless. :slight_smile:

Leo. It was worth a try but unfortunately Google Desktop has a very specific keyword based advanced search so the normal Find techniques do not apply.

Regards, AB