Google Desktop Search not showing?

I'm using the Unicode version of on my work PC which is running Windows XP SP1.

I have Google Desktop Search installed (version Beta 121004) and I can't access it's features from within the Find panel as the manual says I should be able to.

There is no extra tab for the GDS interface :frowning:

Anyone else having this problem? Anyone know how to correct it? :smiley:

Opus checks two things to determine if it should show the Google tab in the Find panel:

  1. A window in the system with the class _GD_Index - this is to determine if the Google search service is currently running

  2. The registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Google Desktop\API - this is to determine the search URL for the query

If either of these aren't found then Opus won't display the tab. Now #1 is not a documented method of determining if GDS is running (I haven't found a documented way of doing it) - but on my installation the _GD_Index window is always present when GDS is loaded so it seemed a fair way of testing it.

I suggest you use a system monitor of some sort to check if this window is present, and also use regedit to check the registry key. Maybe you have an older version of GDS that used a different class name for its window...

I'll check the window classes later, but the registry key isn't there. I must have a different version. I'll try and upgrade.

Would it not be better to do a check to see if GoogleDesktop.exe is running?

Possibly although enumerating running processes can be difficult, particularly under Windows 95/98. It's very odd that the registry key isn't there as that key is documented and is the official method third-party applications are supposed to query the GDS service. Maybe they only added the API in later betas?

Update: The problem was obviously the beta release of GDS I was using, as I've now updated it and it works fine.

One question though: Does it only return information about physical files? I'd love it if it could return details of e-mails like the web-browser version of GDS can do :slight_smile:

Currently no - Opus is a file manager, not an "information manager".

My registry key does not show either and that is with latest version of GDT (

I didn't know that GDS was supported in the search function of DOpus. That's great !

Two questions, though :

  • does it work with foreign versions of GDS, or only english (I unstalled it some time ago, but may reinstall it in the future) ?
  • do you plan to add the same kind of support for MSN Desktop Search (currently in beta version) when it'll be released ?

I don't see why it wouldn't - behind the scenes GDS is returning XML data which should be the same in any language.

Have not looked at MSNDS yet - it will depend what sort of API they provide.

And same question with Copernic Desktop Search(, which I've just discovered yesterday and seems quite fine to use. :smiley:

I didn't know there was so much Desktop Search softwares. I guess Yahoo and other web search resources will develop one (maybe it's already the case ?).

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My apologies.