Google Drive (file stream) not showing proper online/offline status, size on disk

My google backup & sync has just updated to using the new google drive, and the proper file status for "available on this device" is not showing in DOpus (all files say they are local even when they are not) and the "size on disk" shows the real file size, rather than zero

Reboot if you haven't already since it was installed.

If it still doesn't work, try adding the folder path to Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Filesystem]: cloud_sync_paths

After reboot the little cloud icon is correct, but the file size on disk still has the full file size rather than zero for cloud files, and it says "available on this device" when the file is in the cloud. (vs. for OneDrive files, where DOpus shows zero for size on disk and "available when online" for cloud files)

Is File Explorer the same?

Looks like it is not DOpus - file explorer is OK for OneDrive (although I can't find the "size on disk" column to view:

But file explorer also does NOTshow the availability status:

Something to take up with Google in that case.