Google Drive repeats in Folder Tree

I updated to 11.12. Now I get multiple copies of Google Drive appearing in my Folder Tree. How can I surpress this anomaly?

Which version did you update from? 11.11 to 11.12 was a very small update so the update may be coincidental.

I was already at 11.x, But I can't be sure just which version of 11.

If you haven't already, please try rebooting in case that solves things. The reboot for the update may be what triggered something. (Although it could have been a Google Drive update waiting for the reboot, in which case it'll still be there after another reboot. Still, worth a quick try.)

Do you see the extra folders if you view the parent folder in the file display as well, or only in the tree?

Does each folder go to the same place, or different places?

What does the tree in Explorer look like?

I can give you the installers for recent versions of Opus if you want to try going back a version to confirm the theory it's due to an Opus change. Just let me know which version(s) are worth a try. (You might be able to guess from how long ago you previously updated... Probably 11.10 or 11.11 if you install updates regularly.)

I'll try rebooting, but I'm pretty sure I've done that several times subsequent to the update, for windows updates. But I'll try!

I do NOT see the extra folders within the parent folder, only in the LH folder tree. In face, right now I see 5 instances of "Google Drive"

Only one of the instances actually opens up my Google Drive. The other (phantoms?) do NOT do so.

The tree looks normal and correct in Explorer.

Here are the Opus 11.10 installers (it's probably worth trying the appropriate one of these):

[ul][li]DOpusInstall_11.10_x64.exe (64-bit)[/li]
[li]DOpusInstall_11.10_x86.exe (32-bit)[/li][/ul]

And Opus 11.11 (it's probably not worth trying these, as they are not very different to 11.12, but here they are anyway):

[ul][li]DOpusInstall_11.11_x64.exe (64-bit)[/li]
[li]DOpusInstall_11.11_x86.exe (32-bit)[/li][/ul]

11.11 included this change, which seems related in enough ways that it might be relevant to what you're seeing:

So if 11.10 is fine but 11.11 and 11.12 are not, then we can focus on looking at that change in more detail. On the other hand, if you still see the problem in 11.10, then we may need to go farther back.

Please let us know what you find.

The problem did not reoccur (yet) after a reboot. I'll keep an eye on it, and reply via this thread if it starts up again.

Besides the DOpus update, I now recall another change. I moved my Googe Drive directory to a different place on my hard drive (disconnecting and then reconnecting GDrive). Perhaps that triggered the problem.