Google New Menu

I disabled some of the 'New' menu entries that appear in New menus, and it worked fine.
But when disabling some of Google's entries it keeps re-enabling itself.
Do you know how to make Google knock it off?
Not Disabled

Uninstall Google? :slight_smile:


Try this thread @ASUNDER

More specifically, this post, and below. Re: Remove Google Sheets, Docs, Slides entries from "New" context menu - Microsoft Community Hub

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Ya but it's Googley tho.

Thanks. I found the keys now and where the restart is hiding, but don't know which ones are safe to get rid of. The guy in your link made a text file to do it but said it was glitchy so no thanks on that.

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I haven't found a permanent solution at all, I've just learned to ignore the entries ¯\ (ツ)

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If you can work out what registry keys it's using, you might be able to block it by changing the permissions on the parent keys.

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So I slash and burned all of it like America found oil.
And Google didn't care. It replaced the key that is there to replace keys.

Your workaround would probably work, but think that I will leave it alone.
Will make a custom menu with custom buttons if I really want.
The 'New' menu will get bloated when I install Microsoft 365 sometime in the future, and I will probably revisit this to trim it up then; when I have redundancies, and an actual reason to fix that menu, apart from aesthetics sake.

Dying here laughing :joy::joy::joy::joy: