Google search button but remove rest after it detects four numbers from left

Currently i am using this button
"{dlgstring|Enter search term|{file|noext}}"

but could there be such a script that removes all characters which comes after 4 numbers from left?
what i am trying to do is that when i select any file or folder like this.
there is a pop up then i delete characters from right till the year of the movie.
since names of movies with alphabets will be more or less but four digits of year remains the same.
Could such button remove the characters after the year and be like this
I know its tricky but i don't know how much Opus has gone deep after all these yrs.
thx in advance

Please make up some examples that at least pretend you are not be working with pirate video files when phrasing your questions on our forum. :slight_smile:

OK sir..Duly noted.
I think downloading torrents n all is common thing but will keep in mind in future before posting.

A lot of things are common but still don't belong on a tech support forum.

As to the question, you can do that kind of thing fairly easily using scripting.

Sir I know nothing of scripting and i was hoping u can help me with that button just like u did that before yrs ago.

I know for you it must be very easy, rather i believe you know all this at your fingertips ,so still waiting :thinking:.

The forum isn't a guaranteed, free bespoke software writing service. We will write scripts sometimes but if you want something esoteric and we're busy then you'll sometimes have to work out how to do it yourself, or do things manually.

Unless you want to pay a consultancy fee for our time and expertise, of course.

We're also reluctant to help people do things that aren't legal. Not from a moral judgment but just because it's not a good look for the forum. Since the question still has examples that involve pirated filenames, we are not going to help.

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fair enough...