GoRelative lacks a) a findexisting option and also b) and c)

gorelative lacks
b) helpfile entries , so ..
c) so in edit with the cursor in the gorelative command, pressing F1 does not bring up the entry

I create a collection-tab for each week, and lock them
I use control-KeyPad-PLus-andMinus to move between weekly tabs.

goRelative lacks a findExisting option, so I end up with duplicate tabs when i go forward and back a week.

Could we have a, b and c addressed,
please advise a timeframe

Many thanks

There is no help-file entry because GoRelative is not part of the standard Opus install. It's a script you got and installed from the forum. The documentation is in the thread you got it from:

It can't open new tabs, so a FindExisting switch doesn't make sense to me. But since it's a script, you can edit it if you want it to work differently.