Got the wrong view with WIN+E key

Hi from germany,

i have a problem with my saved lister view. If I double click the desktop I see the correct view in DOpus.... for example:

Left side Y: ( NetworkDrive ) Right side U: ( NetworkDrive ) Below the U: lister I have 2 favourite folders.

So if I double click the desktop or the tray icon or WIN+O key...everything is fine.

If I press WIN+E key.... I got a wrong view...not MY standard view.

If it is a feature, please explain it, cause I don`t understand it :slight_smile:

Best regards


oops..... sorry I forgot to tell you my sys config:

Win XP SP2
DOpus version german version

Win-E opens My Computer. It's a hardcoded shortcut set by Windows itself and cannot be changed.

Ok thanks for your information.