Group by extension update after rename

Would like the Group title to update after download finished please.
These should be grouped under thir image extension

That should already happen automatically, unless the rename itself is being missed:

What does Opus think the file extensions are, if you turn them back on?

See Changes to folders are not being detected if that's the actual issue.

It does not happen every download. I have done the debug using DebugView, whilst it was running I downloaded 4 images the first 3 were okay but the fourth did not update. navigating out and in or refreshing fixes it. Here is the DebugView log:
DebugView Log.7z (16.8 KB)

It'd be much better to have full screenshots, not cropped ones, so we can see more context.

If that's the extension column then it looks like the rename is being seen properly, as Opus has the correct extension there.

Which column are you grouping by? Extension or something else? Any scripts involved?

No scripts

Are all the notify_* settings at their defaults here?

Only thing I can think of so far. I haven't been able to reproduce it after trying a lot of small (JPEG-sized) downloads in Chrome, but maybe it depends on the server/internet speed or system speed to some degree.

All at default values. Reading the

Could possibly be my anti-virus .... 5 min later, nope, here is ss whilst turned off and image downloaded from google