Group Column Color


somehow I managed to set up a color for the group column within a lister and I cannot figure out where this was done.

Would you be so kind an point me into the right direction? I've already checked preferences Display->Colors and Fonts, however none of the items seems to be related to this color.



Settings - Preferences - Display - Fields
The 1st one is "Current Sort Field", maybe you sort by group and set this as the color you want to change.

Also, in Colors and Fonts, there is "File Group Column", im sure you just missed it by overlooking because of the many configuration options.

Thanks for your reply, highly appreciated!

This setting is set up to default:

And this one is also not modified:

The colorized column or better its color is not always filled up. Only on certain occasions...
But nevertheless, there must be an option where to set this color, because I guess that this is not the default behavior of DO.

Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts / File group column is the place to set it.

If it's not modified there it just means it's the default colors. Change it there if you don't want the defaults.

Question is: what is the default?

Because on two different PCs, I see different colors, namely the blue background and on the other machine there is nothing:


Hm, is it because of different columns? On top of this posting, I'm using a dedicated(?) group column and above it's the status column.

There isn't a group column in the last screenshot. That's the Status column on the left, and grouping is done by dividing lines that can be expanded and collapsed, instead of a column down the side.

This setting is probably different on the two machines: Preferences / Folders / Folder Display / Add 'Group' column automatically when file display is grouped

(Or the Group column has been added via another method, which can be done the same as with other/normal columns.)

You are correct, Sir! :laughing:

That's the solution of all talking here, Thanks for this finding!


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