Group Count on Status Bar

Is there a way to show how many different groups are being displayed when using "group by [column]"?

I guess the best place for that information is on the status bar. I searched the documentation and I did not find a short code for that.

If not, could this be implemented?

In case you decide to implement that: I am not sure if "Unspecified" should be counted as a group. Instead of adding it to the group count, some signal could be put next to the number displayed (e.g. "5" if no Unspecified group exists, "5*" if the Unspecified group exists).

I don't think it's currently possible but it makes sense as a request.

What kind of situations would the group count help with?

I made a custom column to display the prefixes I wrote on some directories and I wanted to know how many different prefixes existed.

The first idea I had on how to do that was "use "group by [that column]" and count manually the groups".

Thanks for the suggestion, we'll add this in the next update.

Thanks. Tested it today, it works. If possible, later add an alternative code that behaves like I described (does not count the Unspecified group).