Group labels separate?


Don't know if this is possible, was searching but couldn't find answer. Here is the picture of my problem:

How could we show labels or tags separate ex. "Blue", "Green", "Blue, Green", and "Unspecified"

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The "Blue, Green" group should only include files with both Blue and Green. You'll get separate "Blue" and "Green" groups for files which only have those labels.

Is that what you're looking for, or something different?

Yeah, i was searching for option that would decombine "red, blue" group to "red", "blue" basically it would show all files that have "red" in their label as separate from other labels that might be added to that file.

Leo my only option is search or filter then am i right?
And could we have an option like a tag and label browser which would show all tags or labels their number and files in that folder and their subfolders?

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So if a file had two labels it would appear twice in the list? That isn't possible at the moment.

Using a script column, you could also make the grouping choose one label over another and only put the file a single-label group even when it has two labels, but the same file can't go into two separate groups right now.


Leo could you please help me out in creating a script column or linking me to tutorial or help?

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Adding a new column is a good place to start.

Lots of example scripts in the forum. The File Type Group column is probably a good one to look at for what you're doing. (Ignore the Shell/Kind column that the script also adds as it's less relevant.)

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